The Successful Hosting Series: All About Napkins

Does anyone else have a compulsive problem with napkins?

Napkins, yes. I go weak for napkins. If I were to hand my laptop to you, you’d find a browser history full of searches for “linen napkins.” Lie beside me at bedtime and you can observe as I scroll through hundreds of results on Etsy for an hour straight. I have a genuine, serious, bonafide issue.

Let me preface this by saying that shopping for anything that is related to home or entertaining generally excites me. Whether I’m looking for an olivewood serving bowl or a set of linen hemstitch napkins, I’m all in— mentally, emotionally, financially.

The issue part of this napkin situation comes into play with the variety. There are the classic white, monogrammed linen napkins for your buttoned-up Sunday dinners. There are light blue and white seersucker ones for your outdoor summer barbecues. There are sets of linen ones with fringe edges, stitched edges, and scalloped edges. Some are embroidered, and some are screen printed. These are just a few types that you would want to include should you desire a well-rounded collection of napkins. As you can imagine, it is quite the rabbit hole to explore.

I’ve invested an extensive amount of “research” into napkins… so, as a self-proclaimed expert, I’ve compiled a list of the essentials for you.

cheers. a

LJL-SHS All About Napkins

(1) White Linen Napkins with Fringe Edge • Pottery Barn, $48 for a set of 4

(2) Wine & Cream Chambray Fringe Napkins • Pehr Designs, $10 each

(3) Bon Appetit Embroidered Napkins • Anthropologie, $32 for a set of 4

(4) White Napkins with Chambray Edge • Anthropologie, $10 each

(5) Agrarian Striped Linen Napkins • Food 52, $85 for a set of 4

(6)  White Linen Napkins with Monogram • Food 52, $65 for a set of 4

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