The Successful Hosting Series: Reviewing Food52

Food52 just gets me. And by “gets me,” I mean understands me to my core, knows all of my weaknesses, and somehow makes me wish I had an extra $450 around to spend on copper nesting bowls. Seriously. COPPER NESTING BOWLS. Who actually, genuinely needs those? Nobody, really. But that’s precisely the point. You don’t realize you need them until you see them… and at that point, they just can’t be unseen.

You know those classic getting-to-know-you questions… Where are you from? What do you do for a living? What do you enjoy doing with your spare time? Okay, that last one… If we are being honest, my answer is shopping for everything home. Because when I have free time, I like to go online and put EVERYTHING in my cart. I watch the total creep up higher and higher, but here’s the catch: I don’t click “Proceed to Checkout.” Okay, I usually don’t click it. On the occasions when I can’t resist, it’s always a calculated decision… or it’s a spontaneous decision for something pretty amazing.

So when I tell you that Food52 just gets me, just take a moment to digest that and realize this is coming from a person who keeps her phone bedside so she can peruse the worldwide web at night for table linens and serveware… you know, all the essentials.

Full disclosure: I have 36 items in my Food52 cart right now approaching the $2,000 mark.

cheers. a

LJL-SHS Reviewing Food52All items are sourced from Food52

(1) Milk Bottle Match Striker

(2) Pewter Straining Spoon

(3) Porcelain Herb Flower Pot

(4) Porcelain Enamelware Nesting Bowls

(5) Wire Clips

(6) Porcelain Spoon Rest

(7) Brass Napkin Holder

(8) Gold-Dipped Serving Bowls

(9) Walnut Cutting Board

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