In Good Health: Sweet Summer Salad

Sometimes you just need a mid-week salad to pick you up a bit. Something that tastes like it took a LOT longer to make… like you put MUCH more effort into it. But you also want a little surprise and a little sweetness to edge off your sugar craving. Here’s your answer.

Meet my sweet summer salad. Unoriginal name, I know. But at least I gave you an alliteration. It has greens. It has herbs. It has tangy balsamic. It has sweet berries. And it’s delicious.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg


red leaf lettuce, chopped
strawberries, sliced
blackberries, halved
blue cheese, crumbled
fresh dill, chopped
fresh mint, chopped
balsamic glaze
extra virgin olive oil
salt + pepper

(1)  combine lettuce, berries, herbs, and cheese
(2)  drizzle balsamic glaze + olive oil over the top
(3)  add salt + pepper to taste
(4)  toss ingredients together & serve

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