The Weekender Guide: An Introduction

Let’s be honest: everyone seems to have this big issue with Mondays. At the beginning of each week, you can most likely scroll through your Instagram feed and find a post about it. I can’t say that I’m a total exception to this mindset, but I also try to make a conscious effort to not fall totally captive to it… except on Sunday evenings when somber reality and utter disappointment sets in.

I live for weekends. Outside of Lola Jane Living,  I have your typical 9-5. My work week is generally busy and goes by fairly quickly, so weekends are always greeted with a warm welcome. With The Weekender Guide, I will share some of my favorite ways to dive into the weekend, whether it’s by getting some real R&R or spicing things up with a little adventure.

enjoy. a

In Good Health: An Introduction

I’m all about moderation… in between excessiveness. For example, when I have a sugar craving and consume an excessive amount of it, I like to throw in a green juice to balance things out. So, you know… moderation.

I am by no means a “health guru.” I like to think that I make healthy-ish decisions and that my overall approach to life leans more towards wellness than towards, well, un-wellness. In Good Health will serve as a collection of those tendencies towards wellness and well-being; an accumulation of those healthy decisions and moments that balance out all of our bad habits and cravings.

live better. a

An Introduction

In 2015, I started a company called Lola Jane Paper. The original intention for Lola Jane Paper was to be a starting point for a larger business plan that involved separate branches. Part of the Lola Jane plan included a lifestyle blog called Lola Jane Living.

I’ve always had a sort of natural gravitation towards that which is aesthetically pleasing. This is probably a common response among most of the population, right? We’re all pulled towards what we like. It’s instinctual.

Google defines aesthetic as “a set of principles underlying and guiding the work of a particular artist or artistic movement.” It’s more than that though… or it causes more. There’s a sort of chain reaction that occurs. When you discover something that speaks to you, there are physical, emotional, mental responses. We become spontaneously happy, enthusiastically inspired. We feel this connection to life, to the world. We feel purpose. We think, aha!

My intention for Lola Jane Living is to create a collection of words, moments, photos, things, ideas, et cetera, that instill those feelings in us: the spontaneous happiness, the enthusiastic inspiration, the connection to life and to others, and so on.

I hope you enjoy.

xo. a